The Power of Determination

Feb 25, 2019 22:35 · 139 words · 1 minute read

Rio de Janeiro

I have learned to listen closely to my mind. How am I talking to myself? What thoughts are crossing my mind at any moment? What are the underlying believes that shape how I live my life?

I know that things can change faster than we believe is possible. Focus and determination can go a long way. I shift the way I think, so does my reality. I hear the voice of a dear friend of mine:

Make it work.

It can be so simple. How much do I believe in myself and my ability to be present with any challenge that comes my way?

I am recreating my own story, here and now. Finding ways to empower myself and the people around me. Staying in connection to lift each other up.

One step at a time, life keeps unfolding.